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being a young early music professional in 2018  (scroll down for the English version)

 Pour un blog, avoir une diversité de styles d’écriture est un réel avantage et je suis enchantée de vous présenter Michel.  C’est un photographe passionné et va couvrir autant que possible de nos concerts à partir de maintenant.  (Déjà, plusieurs des photos dans le post sur le concert d’ouverture de Guillaume Prieur sont de lui.)

Comme suite logique, je lui ai suggéré d’interviewer les cinq musiciens programmés pour notre récent concert « Carte blanche à … ».  Il faut dire que la rencontre ne s’est pas déroulée tout à fait comme nous l’avions imaginé, mais il en a tiré quelque chose d’excellent.  Vous vous êtes déjà demandé de quoi parlent de jeunes musiciens lorsqu’ils sont à table avec un organisateur de concert ?  Son article traite aussi du concert.  En voici un extrait …

… Loïs m’avait convié le samedi pour que je puisse photographier et interviewer pour « Montceau News » ces jeunes et talentueux artistes au cours d’une pause dans les répétitions. Mais pris dans le sérieux du travail, de pause il n’y eut point. Qu’à cela  ne tienne !  un dîner familial était organisé par Loïs et Georges de Lucenay où j’aurais tout loisir de m’entretenir et obtenir les réponses aux questions que je ne manquerais pas de poser. Mais … 

"Travelling by ..." en concert avec l'orgue de Charolles

"Travelling by ..." en concert avec l'orgue de Charolles

"Travelling by ..." en concert avec l'orgue de Charolles

"Travelling by ..." en concert avec l'orgue de Charolles

"Travelling by ..." en concert avec l'orgue de Charolles

Nous sommes très heureux de cet article de Michel.  Comme il (l’article) avait été promis à l’excellent site « Montceau News » et qu’il ne faut surtout pas copier (même auto-copier !) ce qui y paraît, je vous fais deux suggestions :

  1. de lire l’article entier sur Montceau News et 2. de laisser un commentaire ici  


being a young early music professional in 2018  

 For a blog, a variety of styles is a real advantage and I’m just delighted to introduce Michel.  He is an enthusiastic photographer and will be covering as many as possible of our events from now on.  (Many of the photos in the report of Guillaume Prieur’s opening concert were taken by him.)


It was a logical thing to suggest he might interview the five musicians who came for the recent « Carte blanche à … » concert.  It happened that the meeting did not go quite as planned but he came through it with flying colours, as you will see.  Just what do young musicians talk about when they are at dinner with a concert organizer ?  His article also contains a report on the concert itself.  Here it is …

On Sunday 10th June, our church in Charolles was well-filled with an attentive audience :  all were delighted with what they had come to hear – a dialogue between the exceptional Charolles organ and three magnificent sopranos with a baroque cello.

The five young musicians of « Travelling by » fulfilled all expectations, it was a very moving concert.  Loïs Belton, the artistic director of the Amis de l’Orgue de Charolles, had given them carte blanche in this partnership with the Lyons « Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse ».   This « Carte blanche à … » concert is an annual event for voices and instruments and now that the organ is here it is an essential partner.

The 2018 programme featured works by Boyvin, Lorenzani, F.Couperin, Clérambault, Valette de Montigny, Du Mage.  This was religious music expressing suffering (through dissonances) alternating with joy and beatitude (through limpid and harmonious sounds).  The so-called classical period in France was in fact a whirlpool of wars, religious strife, famines, plagues, and rebellions !

The organ, played by Camille Leblond, showed yet again how perfect a partner it is for the music of the Grand Siècle (17th Century).  The voices of Sophie Garcia, Alice Dupont-Percier and Jeanne Bernier soared effortlessly in the splendid acoustics of the church, underscored by Thomas Guyot’s incisive cello.

Loïs had invited me the day before so that I could take photos and do an interview for the « Montceau News » with these talented young artists during a break in their rehearsal.  But they were so immersed in their work that the break never came.  No matter !  a family dinner was arranged by Loïs and Georges de Lucenay so that I could get answers to all the questions I might ask.  But almost immediately the conversation turned to high-level musical and musicological subjects.  I heard about octaves, thirds and fifths – different concert pitches, early music and how it expresses what it has to say, the essential quest for long-forgotten works, the use of historically appropriate instruments and performing techniques in order to create the sounds the composers might have been aiming at, the mighty figures of pioneers in all of this.  An impassioned discussion ! 

Knowing  these musicians had had remarkable training (for example, each of the three singers had been in a maîtrise or children’s choir for opera or cathedral) and having been on the spot for their very demanding rehearsal some hours before,  I could guess, as I witnessed their devouring love for early music, how very beautiful the concert would be …  Being a beginner as a journalist, my only actual question was how « Travelling by » had come to be, and why they had chosen this name.  You’ll scarcely be surprised to learn that it had all come about through meetings over quite some time, the pleasure they had in making music together, their shared convictions as to what the music was saying.  As for the name of the ensemble …  it suggests the « variable geometry » of the group, the way the musicians can change from one instrument to another, including the voices which must adapt to the various styles of music performed.

There are many concerts coming up :  all through July and August, each Wednesday morning at 11 am, plus the « Organ Days » of 17th-19th August.  I am looking forward to them !

I’m sure you too have enjoyed reading Michel’s article.  You could say so by leaving a comment !